...following the philosophy of combining the uncompromising punishment of devastating Death Metal massacre with neck-breaking
mid-tempo banging groove, L'estard embodies a force to be reckoned with...


May 2015

04.05.>> Just one more month till we will hit the stage after a long period of absence. Hell, we're pumped up right now!
Come to Lindau and see us supporting the legendary DYING FETUS!

April 2014

25.04.>> Back from the Dead! We are happy to announce that we found a new drummer! His name is Adrian and he blasts his way happily through our material. For a few weeks now we've been getting him in shape for our set. Watch out!

January 2014

01.01.>> Wir suchen einen Blastbeat- und Doublebass-versierten Drummer im Raum Bodensee, der Bock auf Death Metal hat.
Proberaum nahe Friedrichshafen vorhanden.

Wenn ihr also jemanden kennt, oder gar selber von der Knüppelfraktion seid, meldet euch unter

Soundproben und Videos gibts auf unserem Youtube-Channel:

Besucht uns auch auf:

August 2013

11.08.>> Cheers folks! Thanks again to all for coming out to see us supporting DYING FETUS on Tuesday August 6th.
We had a blast!

Videos of the gig are already uploaded on Facebook and Youtube, more will come next week!

June 2013

Well folks, it's been an awful while! But we're still alive and recently took up songwriting again. After nearly 2 years, Blitzgreek returns on drums, since no one could replace him...

We're scheduled to support the legendary DYING FETUS on August 6th in Dornbirn, Austria!

For news and updates check out our FACEBOOK Page!

January 2011

08.01.>> Cheers folks! Due to some nice russian attacks on our site, we had to take down the guestbook. If you want to leave us some words, please feel free to go to our MySpace page.

November 2010

16.11.>> "BAPTIZED IN BLOOD" sold out!
Our debut album, dating back to the year 2005, has sold out!
Thanks to all of you out there who supported us over the years by buying it!

Horns up!

October 2010

14.10.>> Cheers folks! It's been quiet a while...yet we haven't been too lazy! New songs are already in their live-testing phase.

New gigs added! Check the Appearances Section to the left!

March 2010

12.03.>> We are proud to announce our newest member:
Flo joined our ranks to enforce our sonic onslaught with his rumbling bass tunes!

Be prepared for a massively enhanced sound!

January 2010

Happy New Year Folks!
Would like to thank all of you out there
for the support in the last year(s)


Since our "Driven into Slaughter" Shirt seems to be quite popular,
we have ordered some fresh supplies.
Check the store, new sizes available.

We are still looking for a permanent bass player!
Get in touch with us!

August 2009

19.08.>> NEW VIDEOS UP!
Cheers folks! We just established our very own YOUTUBE CHANNEL

There you will find videos of live gigs and in some distant future video clips to some songs as well, hopefully.

At the moment, you can watch our whole show at the BOARSTREAM OPEN AIR 2009.


June 2009


Das Death Metal Gespann aus Friedrichshafen am Bodensee sucht einen neuen Tieftöner.

Du solltest kein blutiger Anfänger sein, dein eigenes Equipment besitzen, einmal die Woche Zeit zum Proben haben
(meist freitagabends) und neben Freude am Death Metal auch Zeit für 15-20 Konzerte im Jahr mitbringen.

Proberaum in Friedrichshafen vorhanden.

Hörbeispiele gibtís auf

Bei Interesse eine Email an

oder telefonisch unter 0175 5666 566 (Markus)

May 2009

13.05.>> Vote us to play the Rock Area Festival 2009
Sorry folks, german only this time.

Aus über 500 Bewerbungen wurden wir von der Festivaljury ins Voting aufgenommen...
D as Voting auf läuft nur 14 Tage!!

Bitte klickt auf das Banner, meldet euch kurz an und klickt dann auf der >>Regioactive- L'estard Seite<< auf das Rock Area Banner ganz oben. Eure Stimme wird nur gezählt, wenn ihr über das Banner geht. Dann öffnet sich ein weiteres Fenster in dem ihr euch für das Voting eintragen könnt.

Ihr dürft auch gern eure Freunden anstiften, ebenfalls abzustimmen!

Besten Dank für eure Unterstützung! Wir zählen auf Euch!

March 2009

27.03.>> "Baptized in Blood" nearly sold out!

Cheers folks!

Of the first edition of our 2005 debut album "Baptized in Blood",
limited to 500 pieces, only a few copies remain.
Get your hands on one of these last CDs, for a new edition will not be issued.
Perhaps we will be able to reissue a remastered version to some later point in time...but the "if" and "when" is yet to be considered.

February 2009

16.02.>> New gigs added.
Check out the Appearances Section to the left!

January 2009


Cheers folks!

We haven't been too lazy the last months. Two songs are ready so far, entitled "Catharsis postponed" and "Kill for the living"...
These two songs embody once more what L'ESTARD is all about:
pure fucking Death Metal, banging grooves without end, massive doublebass parts and yet some melodic shredding here and there....

Work on more new material is in progress, some promising fragments are being elaborated.

Stay tuned for more!

07.01.>> We would like to thank all of you out there for supporting us
during the past year(s) and wish you a heavy new year!

NEW Pics are up. Check the Battlefields!

November 2008

19.11.>> After long-lasting problems with our guestbook, it's finally back on! Feel free to leave us some comments!

October 2008

27.10.>> We are proud to present you our new Shirt design!
Thanks a lot to Simon Bossert, who created this fantastic artwork.

18.10.>> Hell Yeah! A fine young artist provided us with some great
L'ESTARD WALLPAPERS. Check them >>here<<

Thanks a lot to simon Bossert!! Check his site for some amazing stuff
>>Click here<<

September 2008

30.09.>> New Reviews uploaded! See the Media Section for some reviews on our newest onslaught "Driven into Slaughter"

We also added an interview with (german language only)

August 2008

10.08.>> Cheers folks! On Friday 8th we were featured on Metal-Only Radio and we had a great time being interviewed by Wolle!
Check out Germany's biggest and best Online Metal Radio Station!

We now have buttons with our logo in our shop!
Get them there or on any of our shows!

July 2008

24.07.>> NEW GIGS ADDED!

21.07.>> Cheers folks!
L'estard will be featured on Metal-Only Radio Show live
on Friday 8th August at 22h...but unfortunately only in German Language...
Tune in at

June 2008

26.06.>> New Interviews up, one english, one german. Check the Media section!


May 2008

27.05.>> LYRICS are online! Check the Media Section to the left!!

27.05.>> New Gigs added!

09.05.>> Two tracks from our upcoming album "Driven into Slaughter" are now available for download in the Sounds Section to the left!
Check it out!!

April 2008

05.04.>> Gig-Update!
Cheers folks! We added some more shows to our schedule.
Check the Appearances Section to the left.

March 2008


In January, our drummer Julian told us that he'd be no longer able to stick with L'ESTARD 100%...he can no longer spend the necessary time for the band.
Both the band and he himself regret this decision, but it is the only reasonable and viable solution.
We thank Julian for his fantastic work with us and wish him the best for his future.

We proudly announce the Return of the Greek!
Laki a.k.a. Blitzgreek will torture the drums for us. Welcome back!

On bass guitar we also have to note a change: Due to professional reasons, Kai, who's been living in Zurich for some time now, leaves the band as well.
The split with him went in good friendship, we'd like to thank him for 4 great years in L'ESTARD.

His position has already been filled with a new axeman named Fabe.
Hellcome on board!

09.03.>> Massive pic upload!
We finally got the gallery running!
Check it out >>here<<

The following days, we'll upload some info concerning
a few upcoming gigs...stay tuned.

January 2008

13.01.>> Cheers everyone!

Again, the Voting spectre haunts us...

Please go here >>CLICK ME<<,
choose "Germany" as country, scroll down in the Bandlist and vote for L'estard!

Don't forget to confirm your vote by clicking the link sent to you by mail after casting your vote!

Thanks a lot, we really appreciate your support!

Keep it Brutal!

05.01.>> Tracklist of the upcoming Album revealed!

These are the 10 songs:

1. Domination
2. Rational Resistance
3. Driven into Slaughter
4. Gallery of Atrocities
5. When Worlds collide
6. Worldeater
7. Buried in Oblivion
8. Bastardised
9. Confessions of a Bullet
10. Burnt to Ashes

04.01.>> Cheers folks! A great new year to all of you out there
and thx for all your support throughout 2007!!

We haven't been lazy the last weeks...

Studio update:

Just wanted to inform you guys that the recordings at the CHAINSAW SOLUTIONS STUDIO are proceeding very well. So far, the drums are completely recorded...and we are deeply content with everything.

Guitars are done and sound killer! Prepare for a massive bulldozer crushing your ears!!!

Vocals are already recorded, too. Brutal shit!!! Now we're working on the bass guitars...sound is already very promising...

In a couple of days we start mixing. Watch out!!

November 2007

19.11.>> HELL YEAH! Thx to you all guys out there, we will play the

on December 2nd at Club Vaudeville in Lindau!!!
Big thanks to all of you, who supported us and made this possible!

06.11.>>HELL-O again! We got a little lazy concerning updates here.
Sorry for that.

We've been busy playing some shows and writing new material for the next album!
The new onslaught will be recorded in the weeks around Christmas!
Prepare for some serious shit!!!

September 2007

14.09.>> New gigs added. >>click<<

August 2007

23.08.>> Cheers folks! I added a new Interview, check the
Media Section

We need your help!!
If you go >>here<< and cast your vote for us, we'll be able to play a support-show for NILE, SIX FEET UNDER, BELPHEGOR and FINNTROLL!!

Spread the word, we need everybody to enforce our troops!
Thx a lot!

13.08.>> NEW GIG added. On September 7th we'll play a local gig in Friedrichshafen. Check

July 2007

01.07.>> Cheers folks! We got some news for you.
FIRST: We just got a new delivery of shirts and girlies! Check the >>shop<<

Moreover, we are moving the picture gallery at the moment, so please excuse any malfunctions.

We're still working on our Promo CD, hopefully we'll finish it in time for the Baden in Blut Festival.

See you there!

April 2007

02.04.>> New Gigs added.
Mixing and Mastering are in process.
Stay tuned folks!

March 2007

16.03.>> Tomorrow we will start recordings for our 3-Track-Promo CD
As soon as we got the songs ready, we will put them online.
Watch out!

February 2007

25.02.>> Major update. I added a load of pics from past gigs.
Unfortunately we're experiencing some server problems at the moment. But soon it will be fixed.

22.02.>> The next few weeks we will be occupied recording three promo tracks from the upcoming CD.
Results will be presented here and on our >>myspace site<<

NEW GIGS ADDED. Click >>here<<

January 2007

05.01.>> Cheers folks! A great successfull year 2007 to all of you!
We're looking forward to see you soon at one of our shows!
We have some new material for you!

December 2006

17.12.>> Well, thx to all of you, who gave their best to make Laki's last gig with us unforgettable! Due to professional reasons Laki will no longer be able to stay in the band. We wish him the very best for his future way and thank him for the great time we had together.
We already have a new Drummer and we should be ready for combat very soon!
Stay tuned!

07.12.>> NEW GIG ADDED. Click >>here<<

03.12.>> NEW GIG ADDED.
We will play one last show with our drummer Laki at the
Culture Factory in Lustenau on December 16th.
Entry will be free!
So come and destroy that place with us!

November 2006

30.11.>> SUPPORT US!!
Please visit >>>> and vote for us!
If all you kind people out there support us, we will be playing the Bavarian Battle Festival in January!
The voting will start December 1st

24.11.>> New Concert Info added. Click >>here<<

23.11.>> New Live Review from the Zabbaduschder Festival online
click >>here<< or check the >>Media Section<<

21.11.>> New pics added. Check the >>Battlefields<<

20.11.>> New Drummer!
We found a new drummer, who will replace Laki from January on. The guy is called Julian and he is fast as hell! Prepare for some artillery blasting Death Metal!

New pictures and an updated bandbio will be available soon.

19.11.>> We are very sorry to announce that we had to cancel the gig in Pforzheim.

15.11.>> Great News! We will play the Baden in Blut Open Air 2007!

13.11.>> Cheers folks! Big thanks to all of you who made the Rot'n'Slay Festival a hellish paradise!!!
Special thanks to the guys from HAVOK who made this possible!!

Pictures are available >>here<<


October 2006

09.10.>> Our drummer Laki decided to part from us.
We are looking for a new one, so if you are interested to play the artillery in a Death Metal Band please contact us!!

mail to:

September 2006

21.09.>> New gig added. This fall we got some places to destroy!

Cheers folks! Due to severe server problems the gallery is down since a long time. But change is underway, the gallery will be moved within the next few days.

August 2006

15.08.>> New Review online. Check the Media section!

14.08.>> Live-Review from the Zabbaduschder Open Air is online
>>click here<<

Some more gigs are already being planned, stay tuned for more news.

July 2006

28.07.>> New Gig added!

24.07.>> HELL YEAH! Thx to all the folks who supported us at the Zabbaduschder Festival!
This was awesome!
Cheers and Hails to all, who got drunk with us!

A special thanks goes out to Andi from Project Peacemaker, who supported us at the drums!
Cheers for a great job, you fucking rule!
Without him, we couldn't have played this Festival!

Pics are online, check the >>Battlefields<<

New review online. Check >>here<<

04.07.>> A brand new Promo sheet is available for downloading in the Misc Stuff Section
Big Thanks to Keule from Rebelyell Concerts!

After the appearance at the Zabbaduschder Open Air we will go into our summer break. Kick-off for the live season will be the Gig in Lustenau (A). Check the Appearances Section to the left for details.

Prepare for some new killer live devastation!

June 2006

18.06.>> New Gigdates and a new review added!

Mai 2006

24.05.>> Site updated!
In the Misc Stuff Section you now can download our logo and a banner!

14.05.>> Billing for the Metal-BW Festival is complete!
Check Appearances Section for details.

April 2006

20.04.>> Gig cancelled!!
We're sorry to announce that we have to cancel our show in Auggen this weekend. Due to illness we can't bring havoc to that stage.

06.04.>> Hell-O Folks! Just added another show!
Check the Appearances Section.
Thx to Stephan from Powerchords Promotion!!

05.04.>> Another Gig confirmed!
We'll devastate the stage at the Juze Anna in Bad Cannstatt in unholy alliance with Fallen Yggdrasil and other guests!

March 2006

29.03.>> Hell Yeah! We'll play the Zabbaduschder Open Air!

Check the >>Open Air Homepage<< for more details!

28.03.>> New Gig confirmed!
We will play at the Metal-BW Festival.
More info soon!

25.03.>> BAD NEWS: The Metalliga Open Air was cancelled!!

New Review online! Read here...
...or check the Media Section to the left

New Live Reviews online!

06.03.>> Update! Pics from the gig in Denzlingen are online!
Check the Battlefields!

February 2006

16.02.>> Fan Mail! We got a very nice mail today. Read for yourself!

If I told you that those are the coolest tunes that I've heard on numberonemusic web-site. This leaves me pondering this, why aren't you signed to a major label?? Very pro-sounding. Excellent production and performance. Whole band sounds killer. Vocals are on and interesting melody. Get signed dudes or don't, but keep it together. You rock. I really like your approach and style... and I am going to add you to my playlist and check out some more of your stuff. I wish I had more to say or some kind of constructive criticism, but your songs are ready for the air waves.


If you also want to share your thoughts with us,
feel free to sign our guestbook!

13.02.>> Check the new Website of the Metalliga Open Air!!!

07.02.>> Work on new songs proceeds!
We're actually working on new stuff for the next album
Prepare for some devastating brutality!
For those who are too curious to wait for the next album, visit our shows to get an impression of the massive strike that waits to be released.

January 2006

24.01.>> New Gig confirmed!

On 29.04. we will hit the stage at the SAK Wasserwerk in Lörrach, due to the 2 Year anniversary of the Metal Maniacs Markgraeflerland.
Also appearing: Lyfthrasyr (Melodic Black Metal) and
Destination Hell (Death/Thrash Metal)

>>More info here<<

16.01.>> Pics of the Depth of Winter Festival are online.
>> Check the Battlefields<<

10.01.>> Cheers folks! All the best for a great new year!
Thx to all who supported us last year, we owe you a f***g lot!
Well, we'll see what 2006 has in store for us.
We hope to get the opportunity to play as much live as possible.

New Gig confirmed!

04.03. 2006 - Denzlingen, Juze (near of Freiburg)
with Grotesque Impalement, Thelema, Frozen Infinity,
Nocturnal Frost

Dezember 2005

09.12>> GREAT NEWS!
The new DEATHOPHOBIA Sampler is released!
2 CD's with 35 Bands for incredible 10Ä

The stock is limited, so GET YOUR COPY NOW!!!
Just contact us!
>>>to the shop<<<

07.12.>> Cheers folks!
Pics of the gig at the Balthes are online. Check the Battlefields.

November 2005

29.11.>> New Section added! Click the MEDIA Button to see some Reviews, Interviews, or to read some Lyrics.

22.11.>> Interview with Marius on

Another appearance confirmed!
We will hit the stage at the

New gig confirmed!!

We will play the Depth of Winter Festival 7!!!!

More Gigs:

On 03.12.2005 we will invite BRITNEY to play with us at the Balthes in Ravensburg!!!
Don't miss that Death/Grind Party!!!

On 22.04.2006 we will enter the stage at the Sternen in Auggen.
For details check the Appearances Section to the left!

We contributed the Song "The Demon Awakes" to the new DEATHOPHOBIA Sampler which will appear very soon!
Two Discs filled with a load of fine Underground Metal!
Be sure to get one copy! SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND!!!!!
Just contact us!

October 2005

Fast as lightning!!!
We're very proud to announce that after one whole year we are finally able to present a huge pile of pics from this year's gigs!
Big thanks go out to KONGO, who made this possible!!!

>> Check the Battlefields<<

Some days ago...

Well HELL-ASS everybody! A greater update is currently being done.
We got huge piles of pictures and video files from the past year.
Unfortunately this means we have to work on the gallery script in order to update the site. This will take us some time, but patience will repay!!!
Moreover we will present a new section for Reviews and Interviews.

Concerts for winter 2005 and spring 2006 are being planned.
Stay tuned!

September 2005

New gig confirmed!!
We will play the Hartklang XI the 29.10.2005

Chaossphere + Fearpleasure + Sepcys
as special guest!

Come numerously and bang that place apart!!!

July 2005

Big thanks to all the folks who were with us at the KTS yesterday the 9.7.!!! You fucking rule! It was just amazing!
And also big thanks go to Patrick and his Assorted Nails,
you guys rock! Hail the Nail!!

Review of our gig in the KTS online at
Click here

Our Logo and a Bandinfo sheet are now available for download in the Misc Stuff Section

June 2005

New gigs confirmed! Check the Appearances Section to the left...

Mai 2005

Finally!!! Our first Album "Baptized in Blood" is finally available!!!
10 songs of pure fucking Death Metal...
Check the Shop to the left!!!
For a first impression check the Sounds Section and downloud two songs taken from the album...

Moreover, we will record a new song for promotion purposes in june. This song will be released on the Promotion CD of Underdogrock Promotion.

April 2005

Finally the work on our first CD is completed.
Two songs are now available for downloading in the Sounds section to the left

... check it out!!!

...and we got an online-shop where you can order our new Shirts, Girlies and Longsleeves...
>>> to the shop <<<

March 2005

Final work on the Album "Baptized in Blood" is currently being done.
If all works out well, the CD will be released at the beginning of April.

The next gig is also confirmed:
2.4.2005 at the Balthes in Ravensburg, together with Bowtome
Check the Appearances Section to the left...
Come numerously and Bang that fucking heads...see you there!!

December 2004

Hell Yeah !! Today we are entering the Tanksafe Studio...
We attempt to record some ass kicking Songs for you
- so watch out ...

Furthermore the descent of the year takes place...
Thanks to all who supported and got drunken with us.
Best wishes and a fucking great Year 2005...

November 2004

Final work for our recording session just after X-mas is being done...
10 powerful songs will be unleashed upon you soon...
The Album will be called "Baptized in Blood" - further questions?!

...and the first Gig is already confirmed. 29.01.2005 with
Assorted Nails and Grotesque Impalement in Freiburg, KTS

June 2004

The Homepage has been revised and relaunched.

It seems that the band grows to a strong and powerfull union. Soon we will play some live Shows where you can bear witness to our Blaze of Anger. The work on new stuff continues...

April 2004

Great changes are upon us again:
We parted from our former drummer Chris and also from Friede, who wielded the axe for us.
Yet we're proud to pronounce that we already have found two appropriate comrades-in-arms:

Laki at the Drums
Kai as new bass player